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I wanted to do a follow up to the first half of pregnancy blog post I wrote when I was halfway through the pregnancy. Baby S is due any day now. Overall, this journey has been one of the most amazing experiences. There’s been full of twist and turns but my focus has always been, “happy pregnancy, happy baby”.

The first half of pregnancy was pretty breezy. My belly started to grow and once I was in the second trimester, my energy was back. I actually felt like a normal person. Now that we are in the third trimester, actually a week until my due date, I wanted to share with you how the end of pregnancy can be. *Cue* The belly looks everywhere you go! haha

People will feel the need to tell you their birthing story.
The bigger the belly got, the more strangers would share their pregnancy or birthing experience with me. Many times it is sweet and they are coming from a positive place. Others are awkward and you find yourself slowly walking away from the checkout line at TJMAXX.

It’s okay if you aren’t in love with your body as your belly gets bigger.
This was hard for me and was one of the things I struggled with the most. The closer to the end of pregnancy lead to more frequent doctor visits. Those doctor visits always started with stepping on the dreaded scale. Although I was gaining weight at a healthy manner, see the number rise was still difficult to process. I kept having to remind myself that this was the baby getting bigger, not me just gaining unhealthy weight. I loved seeing my bump grow. As we approached the last couple of weeks, you can’t help but feel lost in someone else’s body trying to fit into clothes that are already stretched to the max. Just stay focused on the fact that your baby is healthy, and that this phase will come to an end.

People may not call you to hang out like they did before.
Let’s face it. In the summertime, life before pregnancy was full of going out and juggling which patio you and your friends were going to be sharing drinks at. Once you are pregnant, things change. It happens not even on purpose. The friends and family that used to call you up every weekend to go out, become more scarce. And the farther along you are, the more your are okay with it. You don’t want to come off as the “not fun” friend, but you also are exhausted from creating a child. Going out late at night starts to not sound as fun as it used to be…and that’s okay! Social media kind of rubs it in your face too. Sometimes you have to be the one to initiate hanging out because they figure you don’t want to.

You might find yourself gravitating to other pregnant people or moms.
I was told by countless other moms to join mom groups and other forums on social media. I looked up a couple and took the leap to add myself to these groups. I started to become fascinated with the other ladies stories of pregnancy and being a mom. I felt apart of a group that I could actually have an opinion on and felt I wasn’t alone. Currently, I am one of the few in my close friend group that is having a baby at this time. Luckily, they are all supportive, but there is a sense of comfort when you read that another mom-to-be is going through the same thing as you.

You might be afraid. Scratch that, you will be afraid.
For the sake of being open and honest, within the next week, I will be giving birth to my sweet baby boy. I am terrified. I am scared of labor – what could go wrong. I have nothing to compare it to. I stayed the night in the hospital the other day because of some pain I was having. All is well, but overnight, my husband and I were trying to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of women (in labor) screaming on the top of their lungs. It is okay to not be this fearless woman, and be afraid. I know everything will go well. I can not wait to meet him, but I as confident as I am in that – I am still nervous.

For the other pregnant ladies out there, I’d love to hear how your pregnancy has gone. Can you relate to the points above? -xo

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